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As a tattoo lover, you know how difficult it can be to take care of freshly inked-skin, but we have developed a deeply nourishing and numbing aftercare balm that will make getting a new piece of body art easier more safe and more comfortable.

About Us

Ta2lab makes a difference

Because we help take care of your wounded skin after a tattoo. The TA2LAB calming balm will soothe your skin, deeply nourish it while also brightening the colors of your tattoo, all due to the anti-inflammatory properties of the high-end cream. Enjoy your new ink art more and forget about the pain and itchiness with the TA2LAB numbing ointment!


The Best of our Skin Cream

Highly Nourishing Cream for Tattooed Skin

It’s your all-in-one tattoo skincare regime in a bottle.

Numbing Repair Ointment

Say goodbye to that uncomfortable, itchy feeling.

Professional Aftercare Tattoo Balm

With our regenerating formula, we make sure your tattoo will always look brand new.

Hydrating Ink Tattoo Formula

Stay away from infection and dryness with our hydrating regimen.

Rapid Recovery Formula

No need to wait to show it off to everyone as our creams help your skin recover faster.

Handy Bottle Package

Suitable for every size of tattoo.

€ 30,- per 150ml

Why Choose Us

We Know Tattoos and We Know Why Yours Needs Care Too!

WHAT YOU NEED: If tattoos are your thing, you know how painful and difficult the initial stages can be. But what you might not know is that long-term tattoo care is needed too. What you need is a regimen for long-term care to handle wounded epiderma with the premium anti-inflammatory nourishing balm, a numbing ointment that will make a real difference in the healing process.

THE BEST FOR YOUR SKIN: Getting yourself inked may damage your skin, making it dry and flaky. But with the TA2LAB after-ink balm, you can enjoy a real soothing effect on your tattooed skin while also making sure it stays vivid and bright.

LESS PAIN: Tattooing is a highly invasive process that reaches the deeper skin of the epiderma, which is why it can cause pain, itchiness and general discomfort for several days. In order to help you numb the freshly tattooed area, we have used the unique INC+ calming complex for the ointment that will sooth the skin immediately.


What can our tattoo cream do?

contains INC+ calming complex

deeply nourishing

With Silica, vitamin B4 & B-Panthenol

Neutral pH and fragrance-free

aftercare protection

Anti-itch & anti-inflammatory formula


These People Bought TA2LAB Cream

Natasja Vaerman

Rising Techno Artist

Ta2Lab was a miracle worker! Best tattoo recovery I’ve ever had and it's just as good as I imagined it to be.

Ylli Engels

International Deejay & Producer

After trying out Ta2Lab, I immediately recommended it to all my friends getting tattoos for lots of reasons like basically being itch free and requiring little to no maintenance.

Jelle Richard

Sales Director

As a real tattoo lover, I’m always worried that the quality of my artwork will fade over time. After trying Ta2Lab I noticed that the colour of my tattoo remained exactly the same, after continuously applying it. Besides that, my skin recovered way faster than I am used to. Highly recommended. 5 stars ★ ★ ★ ★ ★.”

Shauny Cuypers

Social Media Strategist

The cream texture absorbs very quickly, preventing it from sticking to your clothes. Skin feels very hydrated after use and my tattoo is healed without any inflammation. Especially recommended for people with a love for tattoos!


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